DP_Matt-Gormly_webWelcome to Travelling Matt, the company of DP / Lighting Cameraman, Matthew GORMLY. This new website is still in Beta-mode, with plenty of gaps yet to fill – but welcome nonetheless!

From Sweden, Travmatt provides cameraman, camera-crew & TV production services to leading producers.


Cinematography is our core business, serving a vast array of projects and genres, in all manner of locations. Commercial, promo, television, documentary, corporate, and web video are all part of the repertoire. We’re across branded-content, great at tourism & travel, automotive, food & lifestyle, and love an adventure. We also tap into our experience to provide producer & director services.

It’s said that ‘versatility’ is our key asset, but perhaps it’s our outright enthusiasm, and love of the job. We work to excel in all areas, commit to the undertaking, and offer a superior service.

cameraman europeTjena. Välkommen till Travelling Matt, företaget av Dop/tv fotograf Matthew GORMLY.

This website is still in Beta mode, with new text appearing in this area soon, along with increased media throughout the site.

Hälsingnar, Matt.
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Våra svenska kunder säger:

“Att jobba med Matt är alltid kul – och tryggt. Han är ett proffs som alltid levererar”
Sofia Zetterman
Redaktör, OTW

Matt_BW-sq-webMatthew GORMLY is an award-winning Australian cinematographer based in Sweden. In the film & tv industry since 1988, Matt’s operated from bases in Sydney, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Sweden.

In that time, he’s served across most genres, in numerous roles. Learning his trade in the field, Matt’s siezed opportunities as they’ve passed, making for a diverse background. Whereas camerawork has always been Matt’s first love, he’s also served as a producer, executive producer, and director. This experience makes for a well-balanced cameraman, and provides a true depth to the service.

Retaining an international clientele, Matt understands the idiosyncrasies attached, and is happy to work to your end. He will sing from your song-sheet, whilst offering the local knowledge.

Fully-equipped, Matt operates the current camera formats, and is across contemporary techniques and equipment. He enjoys the collaborative process, and looks to work with inspired professionals. Learn more about Matt and Travelling Matt in the Profile page (under Services).

So, what’s new?

IMG_3055The northern summer is coming! We’ve weathered the dark months and frosty conditions, and are now emerging from our dens with the first hints of spring.

To make it through the winter you must stay busy, and we fortunately have. We kicked off the season with a jaunt in the French Alps for Land Rover. Our regular USA gig “House Hunters International” has had us all over Scandinavia,  from Stockholm to Malmö, Lund, Katrineholm, over to Helsinki, and soon we’re off to Norway’s magnificent Bergen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.02.44 pmWe’ve been going mad for pilots too. Coming into winter we worked deep into the season treasure-hunting in the Baltic Sea for an exciting prospect, and expect to set sail once the weather lifts. We also shot a cooking show pilot in Copenhagen, and have just returned from a whistle-stop visit to Kathmandu, Nepal to hook up with a UN agency doing great stuff with a cool Swedish company for a feature doco. Of course, it’s all under wraps, but very exciting prospects.

So what next? Sun! Long may her radiant beams glow. When the light arrives in Sweden, everybody wants to shoot her magnificent landscape, so expect another busy period. Happy days!

News & Views

  • Vivid Sydney 2015 is go!

Vivid Sydney 2015 is go!

We're proud to announce that the Vokyo syndicate has won the Destination NSW pitch to film the 2015 Vivid Sydney festival of light, music, and ideas - for an unprecedented third successive year!

Jay Leno in Millé Miglia 1000 motor rally

May 2014
Driving a Jaguar XK150 valued at $3.2 million, Jay LENO took part in the chaos that was the 2014 Millé Miglia motor race in Italy. Joined by a cavalcade of celebrity that included […]

  • IKEA factory in Vietnam

IKEA factory in Vietnam

April 2014
DP Matthew GORMLY flew from Stockholm to Hanoi to visit a local Vietnamese factory producing a product range for IKEA. Grey crocheted baskets, in a number of sizes and shapes, are sold globally […]

“From around the globe we hired Matt to shoot a professional video for us and could not be happier with the results of that decision. …”


…and Ready to Roll

Travmatt is fully-equipped and ready to roll. With a comprehensive Canon C300 rig, compact lighting & grip, and the usual bells & whistles, we offer a streamlined kit for the most elaborate requirements. As the name suggests, we travel a lot, and with no desire to drag excess luggage around the globe, our gear presents tremendous versatility and effectiveness. We provide all HD formats as required, from Arri Alexa & Amira, Sony, RED, …to Phantom.

  • Inhouse Canon C300 rigMatt_ikan_bridge_webScreen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.03.37 pm
  • Atomos Ninja HD-SDI recorder
  • Canon 5D Mk2 & GoPro kits
  • Dynamic Perception 3-axis timelapse rig, Emotimo pan/tilt head
  • DJI Phantom & Storm Drone6 drones
  • Bi-colour LED panels
  • Lectrosonic wireless mics


Yes, I’d say the shoot went extremely well, beyond our expectations! Brennan and John both said “That was THE BEST crew they have ever worked with!!!”

They both really enjoyed working with them on every level .. personally and professionally!

“Gun Control in Australia” w/ John Oliver (via RMK Crew)

*Emmy award-winning 3-part segment (Best-editing, Segment 3/3)

Comedy CentralProduction ManagerThe Daily Show with Jon StewartUSA